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Lewsi Winery
Lewsi Winery Photo Gallery

Ken & Patty Lewis from Lewsi Winery, Kathy & Mike Dennis from Tyler Ridge Vineyard & Winery, Erv & LeeAnn Langan of Keltoi Vineyard. Ozark Mountain wine trial members celebrating St. Patrick's Day at Keltoi Vineyard..
A beautiful bunch of Chambourcin grapes.
Enjoying the day at Lewsi Winery.
Patty in the vineyard at harvest.
It is a scenic ride to Lewsi Winery.  A nice way to enjoy it is to ride a bike.  The wine can go home in the side-car.
Lewsi Winery is a great destination for a drive on a beautiful autumn day.
The view from Virgin Bluff overlooking Table Rock Lake.
When you see this sign, you are here!
Bocce ball + Lewsi wine= an afternoon of fun.
Pressing Chambourcin grapes.
Enjoying the afternoon on the patio.
Cleo is one of the winery dogs to greet you.
Rain or shine, you can enjoy wine tasting any time.
Barrels of Moonsong Blush.  Ask us why the name Moonsong when you visit.
The tasting room
Labeling bottles.  Tour winery while you are here.
I heart Lewsi.
Enjoy a game of bocce.  Don't know how, Ken will be happy to show you.
Take a short walk down a hill and up the other.  This view will be your reward.
Relax and enjoy a glass of wine with the view.
Tasting room
Grapes going to be wine with a little help.
We have eagles on Virgin Bluff!
Wine display
Terry Stine holding a bunch of his Chambourcin grapes.  Terry has a beautiful vineyard.
Eagle in flight at Lewsi Winery.
Chubby is our other official Lewsi Winery dog.
Lewsi in the sky with diamonds.
Mother Nature's way to chill Lewsi Wine.
Ken at the Lewsi tasting table at White Rose Winery, a fellow Ozark Mountain Wine Trail member.
Ken with Mike Miller, friends from way back Carbondale IL way, along with wife Paula and friends.
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